On the ferry from Taba in Egypt to Aqaba Port in Jordan, Sunday 13 April 1997

I was born in Llandrindod on 3 November 1967.  I left school in 1984 having under-achieved academically.  Nonetheless, at home, I buried myself in books about history and politics and listened to a vast amount of music.  I eventually returned to education and did quite well.

I worked in the Care Sector for some twenty-five years (ten years in Mental Health project management) leaving the industry in October 2016.  During the period I worked in Care, I took time out to complete my degrees and to go backpacking.  Undertaken over some twenty months and involving a number of countries, including: Eire, all four countries of the UK (the twenty months excludes the six months I spent labouring at the Shadwell Basin in London in 1987), the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the United States, my backpacking ventures have proved a wonderful journey in every sense of the word.  As a proud Welshman, I enjoy reading Welsh history and visiting Welsh historical sites. According to my DNA profile, my patrilineal ancestry can be traced to the Beaker People; who arrived, in what became Wales, some 3,000-4,000 years ago.

I have loved all history (Welsh, British, European and World) with a passion since very early childhood.  I can still recall the thrill of hearing stories as a very young boy of life in Radnorshire when my Grandparents were children.  So too, the excitement of opening a history book and discovering facts and links to places, people and events.  One notable example was discovering Owain Glyndŵr’s connection to Radnorshire: The Battle of Brynglas on 22 June 1402.

As with history, I have loved music passionately for as long as I can remember.  I think it stems from the fact that my mother, to keep me entertained during my pre-school days, would stack our antiquated record player with ten 45-inch singles, or three LPs and start the playing process. With me entertained, she was free to clean the house. I soon became lost in this magical world of sound and sensory colour. So much so that, all these years later, I can still recall many of the lyrics and the mental imagery that these songs conjured and evoked.

In 2004, I married my long-term partner, Sue.  I am the very proud father of Chloe and Cora.

If you would like to comment on or ask questions about Hands Off WalesJohn Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary? or Tryweryn: A New Dawn?, or if you have any queries concerning Welsh political protest or my released albums, Chalybeate Spring and Orion’s Belt, please use the Contact form on this site.  I will endeavour to respond as well as I am able.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cofion cynnes,