‘This is a warts-and-all account of my life, which is quite correct for an historian renowned for his honest and courageous approach to historical enquiry and writing. A subversive bombing campaign against the State never makes for easy analysis, because the subject and its protagonists are by nature secretive. While maintaining a useful sense of the ongoing MAC campaign, Dr Wyn Thomas mixes a telling detail with narrative verve to convey both the seriousness and the force of the MAC offensive. Written in Dr Thomas’ elegant style, this book lifts the lid on the campaign of Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru and reveals in extraordinary and factual detail how the protest was undertaken. There has been much rumour and innuendo about MAC, but with unflinching tenacity, Dr Thomas has tackled all such areas of speculation comprehensively. While methodical, he is no propagandist or apologist. Rather, he is motivated by that governing principle that all respected and erudite historians should be guided by – getting their facts right. Asked by Dr Thomas what I feel the MAC campaign achieved in propagating Welsh political interests in the eyes of the British State, my response was simple: ‘We showed them we could do it… Never again will the UK political establishment take Wales for granted.’ I would like to congratulate Dr Wyn Thomas on the passion and the relentless commitment he has shown in getting this history correct and making it available to a much wider audience.’

John Jenkins, May 2019