Nationhood and Militancy

Wyn Thomas

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The 1960’s urged us to “Give peace a chance”.

The same decade also taught us, however, that significant social, cultural and political advances often routed in less peaceful protests. Whilst militancy is rarely the only weapon in a minorities struggle against oppression, it is often the only one which cannot be ignored.

‘Hands off Wales’ is a superbly researched account and analysis of the militant campaigns carried out in the name of Welsh political nationalism between 1963 and 1969. Its authority derives from the revealing series of interviews that Wyn Thomas has conducted with the major figures involved in those campaigns and subsequent prosecutions, and with those who, officially and unofficially, fought to thwart the militants.

Cyfrol sy’n edrych mewn ffordd gynhwysfawr ar hanes gweithredu milwriaethus yng Nghymru o 1963 tan 1969. Trwy gyfweliadau gyda’r prif gymeriadau, mae Wyn Thomas yn rhoi i ni ddarlun llawn o hanes y cyfnod.