Television Productions:

Wyn Thomas, Historian, Musician, Folk Music, Author, Chalybeate SpringA Plot to Kill the Prince?  ITV1 Wales Production.  Documentary screened over two editions, in June/July 2009.  As a consequence of my research, it was decided that the series should clearly identify that the ‘physical threat’ to Prince Charles lacked substance.

Wales This Week: Under Fire.  ITV1 Wales Production.  Screened, 13th October 2011.  It addressed the arson campaign of Meibion Glyndwr, the group’s alleged links to the IRA and the role of MI5 in identifying those responsible.

Tryweryn: 50 years on.  BBC Wales Production.  Screened, BBC1 Wales, 19th October 2015.  Having spent over ten years researching the flooding of Cwm Tryweryn, I was approached by Teledu Telesgop and asked to write and present a television programme which addressed the emotive ‘drowning’ of the valley to provide water for Liverpool.

Current media projects:

With the 50th anniversary of the Royal Investiture to be commemorated in July 2019, I am currently involved in discussions with a number of media companies in relation to compiling a well presented, factual and objective appraisal of the militant protest as undertaken by Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru.  I firmly believe that this campaign of militant violence should not be glorified, but rather it should be subject to considered, measured and indeed critical attention.

I have also written two programme proposals regarding conscientious objection during World War One for TV Production Company, Teledu Telesgop.  It is hoped that these proposals will be commissioned by the BBC.  Should they be commissioned, it is proposed that I write and/or present these programmes.


The World at One.  BBC Radio 4, 11th February 2013, in which I discussed, along with John Jenkins, the 1960’s militant Welsh protest as orchestrated by Jenkins and predominately undertaken by Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru.  Areas discussed included: the role played by MI5 during the protest action; MAC’s use of a four-man cell structure and its later ‘successful’ adoption by the IRA, following an alleged discussion between a senior MAC operative and leader of the Provisional IRA, John MacStiofain, in 1968.

TRYWERYN.  BBC Radio Cymru, aired 6th February 2013.  I both researched and was interviewed for the programme.

To publicise Tryweryn: 50 Years on, I was interviewed by BBC Radio Wales presenters, Eleri Sion and Oliver Hines, for their respective radio programmes.

Newspapers, Journals, Publications, including on-line:

I have given interviews about Welsh militancy to a number of newspapers and publications, including the New Statesman, which contacted me in relation to a feature it ran on the Investiture protest, as principally undertaken by Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru.

The winter 2010 and the spring/summer 2011 editions of Cambria Magazine, includes a feature I wrote entitled: Warning from History: The 1969 Investiture and militancy.  Areas addressed include the protest’s attempts to highlight, to a global audience, the tensions in Wales over the question of nationalism and unionism.

The winter 2013 and spring 2014 editions of Cambria Magazine, include a feature I wrote entitled: ‘Wales is a part of our country’.  It addresses the Tryweryn Reservoir Bill’s judicial journey and its impact on those directly affected.

Cymru Culture – serialised on-line over four parts, it addresses the anti-investiture protest.


Owing to my interest in the complex relationship between politics and artistic expression, I have acted as the historic advisor for the following theatre productions:

Red Forest – written by Patrick Walshe McBride and performed by the Belarus Free Theatre.  The play addressed the conflict of providing water and natural minerals for industrial and domestic consumption and the resultant environmental destruction.  The displacement of deep-rooted communities – in a global context – features heavily.

Dyled Eileen – as performed by Theatr Genedlaethol Gymru.  The play addresses the protest undertaken by Trefor and Eileen Beasley throughout the 1950s, to gain the Welsh language legal status.  I am currently on the TheatrGenCyrmru website, being interviewed about the Beasley protest and other similar actions undertaken globally.  This includes the protest of Rosa Parks, undertaken in Alabama, in December 1955.

Lectures and presentations:

I have written and presented lectures for Swansea University in Nationalism and Devolution in Wales and The Legal Journey of the Welsh Language.  These were underpinned with the aid of visual imagery.

I have also written and delivered presentations about Welsh militancy within the domestic and international context to several Historical Societies and Associations.  These addresses have also been underpinned with the aid of visual imagery.

In April 2015, I delivered a lecture entitled: Tryweryn, the Investiture and Welsh Militancy, at St Andrews University.  It too was underpinned with the aid of visual imagery.

Current research projects:

A research project which I am currently undertaking addresses the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike and the defeat of the National Union of Mine Workers by a capitalist/unionist – and prepared – Conservative Government.  Particular attention is afforded the tensions between the socialist wing of the NUM and the moderate/unionist wing.  Also addressed, is the role played by International Socialism in attempting to finance the Miners’ Welfare Fund and the legal prevention by the government of these finances reaching striking miners; so too the purchase of coal from the Soviet Union, at an affordable rate, by government sources.