I have loved music avidly since early childhood. I love The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Donovan and nearly all folk.  But much more besides, including some choral and classical, particularly its more ‘relaxing’ styles.  However, it is folk music with which I feel most at home; and I am thrilled that folk music is once again being enjoyed by a sizable number of the younger generation.  It is wonderful to witness younger members of our society ‘getting’ folk music and understanding and embracing this rich and expressive art form.

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Writing my own music, the CD’s I hope to ‘release’ for sale and performing:

Further to the release in September 2017 of Chalybeate Spring, in August 2022, I released another album of self-penned songs titled, Orion’s Belt.  I was thrilled by the musicians who agreed to be involved in recording the album.  They include: Pete Hurley (Van Morrison’s bass player); Geoff Downes (keyboard/organ player who co-wrote ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ when in the Buggles, etc.); Aled Richards (drummer with Catatonia); Andrew ‘Wal’ Coughlan (bass player with Alison Moyet, Gary Newman and currently Shakin’ Stevens); Xenia Porteous (violinist currently performing with Gypsy Jazz and Swing); Chris Egan (saxophonist with the Kentish Spires); Steve Williams (harmonica player with Loose Joints) and Jane Williams (former backing singer with Van Morrison).  Orion’s Belt was recorded with music composer, producer and arranger, Danny Chang, and the artwork for the album was designed by photographer and graphic designer, Nigel Voyle.   

As with Chalybeate Spring and Orion’s Belt, the musicians who contribute to all future projects I hope to undertake (I have written new songs in recent months), will be credited by name and as part of ‘The Barefoot Rascals’.  The name was chosen owing to its Welsh historical reference.  Although it is some time since I played ‘live’ on a regular basis, I am increasingly warming to the idea.  The photographs used on this page of the website and the Historian page were taken by professional photographer, Sharon Garrett.