‘I have read the thesis on which this book is based and it is excellent. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for doing justice to our father and putting our thoughts so clearly.’

Jennie Evans, George Taylor’s Daughter – August 2011

‘It may not be palatable in some quarters, but the events in this book did happen and should be acknowledged as such. This work is destined to be the definitive historical analysis of the events leading up to Welsh devolution and Dr Thomas is to be commended for his sound methodology, erudition and courage.’

John Jenkins – January 2012

‘Wyn Thomas has spent many years meticulously researching the history of the events at Tryweryn and their background. This book will undoubtedly be central to the understanding of Tryweryn by future students of Welsh history and the public at large because of the breadth and depth of his research.’

Emyr Llywelyn Jones – October 2012

‘Both Dr. John Davies and I were mightily impressed with this study. Moreover, neither of us was in any doubt about the originality and importance of this work.’

Dr. Louise Miskell, Swansea University – March 2011

‘I cannot insist enough on the value of this work. If it had been available when I was a young Detective Sergeant from Scotland Yard’s Special Branch working from the office in Shrewsbury to look at security aspects relating to the forthcoming investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales, it would have enabled me to situate in its larger context, the purpose of my presence as well as understand better the roles of the different actors in the process. Because it is subject of serious and meticulous research, well documented, factual and well presented, it has value in its historical significance. Chance has it that I am currently involved in a peace process in the Basque country and Wyn’s work has been of great value to me in evaluating a similar situation.’

Ray Kendall – October 2012

‘With its publication, this meticulously researched account will be the ‘established history’. It is important that this study is published.’

Dr. John Davies – March 2011

‘This is an important book on an important topic in both Welsh and British history. The story is well told, with a keen eye for telling detail and a clear sense of balance and rigour on what is an emotive subject. It will and should be read widely.’

Dr. Martin Johnes – October 2012