‘The descent of an otherwise normal person into the realms of terrorism: is it fascinating? Well, I suppose it is. Wyn Thomas is a beaver after the truth… With the skill of a probing and astute historian, he is not afraid to ask the difficult question. His research skills are second to none, with no stone left unturned.’

John Jenkins

‘An important historical document, which has manifestly been meticulously researched. It is surprising that so little has been written about this very interesting period of Welsh history. This is not only a book for a student of history, but also for anyone with an interest in the history of Wales, as it is compelling to read and easy to follow.’

Elfyn Llwyd, member of the Privy Council and former Plaid Cymru MP

‘To have a complete picture of someone who I only met briefly in particular circumstances [as a member of the Shrewsbury Unit] is particularly interesting to me. It is a story which is not only of interest in the Welsh context, but also helps in the general understanding of the psychological development of the person and a certain justification for his actions. I only ever considered Jenkins’ actions in terms of the criminality; the man himself and what fuelled his decision to affiliate with the MAC campaign, until now, I knew nothing about. As a result of Dr Wyn Thomas’ excellent biography, I now have a much clearer understanding.’

Raymond Kendall QPM, former Interpol Secretary-General

‘This book is fascinating. The subject matter is, of course, contentious, and Dr Thomas’ somewhat sympathetic tone and approach will upset some people. But the material is very rich and consistently intriguing. This is a powerful, dramatic tale – and a poignant one.’

Professor Richard English, historian specialising in Irish nationalism and the IRA