Current Research Projects

In winter 2020, to coincide with the 55th anniversary of the opening of Llyn Celyn, it is expected that my third title, Tryweryn: New Dawn? will be published by y Lolfa.  I am currently writing the manuscript; and as a consequence of discussions with historians and cultural commentators, I am let to believe that this will be the definitive account of the ‘Tryweryn’ story.  In unprecedented detail, Tryweryn: New Dawn? addresses the judicial journey of the Tryweryn Reservoir Bill.  But it also highlights the impact that the construction of Llyn Celyn had on those directly affected and the political concessions to Wales, which, some believe, were subsequently afforded the Welsh nation as a result of the valley’s controversial flooding.


A further research project which I am currently undertaking addresses the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike and the defeat of the National Union of Mine Workers by a prepared Conservative Government.  Particular attention is afforded the tensions between the socialist wing of the NUM and the moderate/unionist wing.  Also addressed, is the role played by International Socialism in attempting to finance the Miner’s Welfare Fund and the legal prevention by the government of these finances reaching striking miners; so too the purchase of coal from the Soviet Union, at an affordable rate, by government sources.