‘Orion’s Belt’ really is quite an achievement. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the huge variety of emotions evoked by the tracks.

‘Orion’s Belt’ is an absolute treat!  Such a wonderful blend of voice, background vocals and instruments is very rare… All the songs on ‘Orion’s Belt’ are brilliant.  I also love the lyrics…Wyn has the most amazing voice – it sounds as a soft caress feels.  It is very sensual and lovely to listen to.

‘Orion’s Belt’ is superb – and Wyn [is] a true musician and songwriter.

I love all the tracks on ‘Orion’s Belt’.  ‘Watch and Smile’ is just beautiful.  But my absolute favourite is ‘Who Knows Who?’ – I really love that!  Very impressed by the booklet explaining the words.  But altogether a very professional package outlining the fantastic group of musicians.  What an album – I love it!

What an excellent album, I love ‘Mirror Your Time’.

‘Orion’s Belt’ is one of the best albums from a new artist that I have ever heard.

‘It has been a real pleasure working on Wyn’s new album, ‘Orion’s Belt’.  Wyn has a true gift with words and his songs pull on every emotion with his tender vocal delivery and he knows exactly how he wants his songs to be portrayed.  He has turned into an authentic composer in the tradition of the halcyon days of the seventies singer/songwriter greats, such as Carole King, James Taylor and Neil Young’.  Danny Chang, Producer.