Just listened to Wyn Thomas’ album, for anyone that appreciates Nick Drake this is definitely worth a listen!!
Sorry for all the Uncle Tom old-school fans he has moved on…

Listened to Wyn Thomas’ album yesterday and love the gentle richness of his voice, along with the flawless guitar playing.

A real musician he is, hugely recommend purchasing his album a real treat for the ears.

Your CD is great.  You’ve got a wonderful talent and I know the launch is going to be a great success.

A brilliant CD!  I particularly like Think, Water-break-its-neck and the Holiday Song.  I love Brynglas!

What a great first album!  Love the track Water-break-its-neck especially.

Just brilliant!

An excellent album.  A lovely voice and brilliant guitar playing.  I would recommend buying this album.

I love your CD.  My favourite track is Lily.

Have listened to the CD – brilliant!

Chalybeate Spring is very good.

Chalybeate Spring is very pleasant to listen to.  I particularly like Star-filled Skies, some quality guitar work in this.

Really nice CD, Wyn has a great voice, soothing to listen to and lovely tones. His guitar playing is flawless with melodies which are under-pinned with thought-provoking and well-crafted lyrics. Well done and I wish you success with your music, it’s well deserved.

This album has been a sweet introduction into the world of folk music. Very pleasant to listen to. I particularly enjoyed Star-Filled Skies. Wyn is a wonderful guitarist.

I received my CD fantastically quick and had my first real listen this morning. A great album! I thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely enjoy this CD and look forward to hearing more from Wyn Thomas!