Wyn Thomas, folk musician, chalybeate spring

Wyn Thomas performing

I have loved music passionately for as long as I can remember.  I think it derives from my pre-school days, when my mother to keep me entertained, would sit me down and load our very old record player with ten 45 inch singles before leaving me to go off and clean the house.  For those people under the age of forty, when one record ended, the one above would drop onto it and it too would be played.  The process continued until all ten singles, or three albums, had been heard.  I can still recall many of the lyrics and the mental imagery that the words of these songs provoked.  As for my musical tastes, I love The Beatles, Bob Dylan and nearly all folk.  But much more besides, including some choral and classical, particularly its more ‘relaxing’ styles.  However, it is folk music with which I feel most at home; and I am thrilled that folk music is once again being enjoyed by a sizable number of the younger generation.  It is wonderful to witness younger members of our society ‘getting’ folk music and understanding and embracing this rich and expressive art form.



Writing my own music, the CD’s I hope to ‘release’ for sale and performing:

Further to Chalybeate Spring, I would like to record and ‘release’ for sale two further CD’s of my self-penned folk and folk/rock songs.  And indeed, I am currently recording with Danny Chang, the respected producer, composer and arranger, new songs that I have written for a CD to be released in spring 2020.  As with Chalybeate Spring, the intention is to have two or three songs on each CD which have a band sound.  These musicians will also be credited by name and as part of ‘The Barefoot Rascals’.  The name was chosen owing to its Welsh historical reference.  ‘The Barefoot Rascals’ will comprise anybody who adds something to these songs by way of musical input.  For instance, I hope to have a Welsh harp on a song to be included on a later CD and discussions to this end are currently on-going.  Although it is some time since I played ‘live’, I am increasingly warming to the idea.