Owing to my interest in the complex relationship between politics and artistic expression, I have acted as the historic advisor for the following theatre productions:

‘Red Forest’ – written by Patrick Walshe McBride and performed by the Belarus Free Theatre.  The play addresses the conflict of providing water and natural minerals for industrial and domestic consumption and the resultant environmental destruction.  The displacement of deep-rooted communities – in a global context – features heavily.

‘Dyled Eileen’ – as performed by Theatre Genedlaethol Gymru.  The play addresses the protest undertaken by Trefor and Eileen Beasley throughout the 1950s, to gain the Welsh language legal status.  I am currently featured on the TheatrGenCymru website, being interviewed about the Beasley protest and other similar actions undertaken globally.  This includes the protest of Rosa Parks, undertaken in Alabama, in December 1955.